About Csaba Bacsak


My name is Csaba Bacsak.


That is what I call the now over 25 years time I have spent within the beautiful whirlpool of martial arts.
I am here to help you to become a self-confident, balanced and happy person.
I can teach you the traditional Japanese martial art of Fudokan karate, self defence and the Russian Martial Art Systema.
These are not just sports or hobbies. I would prefer to say that these are the pillars holding a fighter’s lifestyle in place.
I have organised and led karate and systema groups.

I also taught law enforcement school students in close combat and self-defense training.

From my teachers and masters, I have only received qualitative training of the highest standards, so I am confident to say that I can teach realistic, effective and useful self defence.

I do not teach you how to fight, but to use use your knowledge with intellect and heart, which will take hard road to reach! You will learn how to avoid and prevent dangerous situations and how to solve the unavoidable ones effectively.

In summary, it is a change of style to a lifestyle.

There have been quite a few karate, systema and self defence students joining me on this journey… come and join us too!

I am ready and cannot wait to teach you!

Csaba Bacsak, 4th Dan, Fudokan – Shotokan Karate Master                              IAMAI Systema Instructor 

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